Monday, January 18, 2016

Nonexhaustive List of Letters I Need to Write to More-or-Less Famous People

To The Barenaked Ladies for writing the The Ninjas, which was guaranteed to calm my infant son when he was fussy. 

To the makers of Planes Fire and Rescue for making a movie that is at the same time enticing enough to watch, yet soporific enough to put a small child to sleep, when every other nap method fails.

To the makers of stickers and poster board for reasons that should be obvious. 

To They Might Be Giants for recording Why Does The Sun Shine? so my son now knows the word, "incandescent"...actually, I should thank them for the entire album, Here Comes Science.

To the estate of Mr. Rogers, whose 1970s self can still engage my 21st century son.

To the makers of Schoolhouse Rock for the same thing, especially the cartoons about numbers. 

To the makers of the new Electric Company because that show actually has taught my kid a thing or two about reading and language.  ("Silent E is a ninja....")

To James Taylor for writing the most reliable lullaby for a four year old, Sweet Baby James.

To LEGO for making my kid an engineer (also, an obsessive collector, but we'll overlook that for now).

Again to LEGO, and, specifically, the creators of Ninjago for being the most direct influence on my child wanting to take taekwondo. 

To Neil deGrasse Tyson to let him know that my son is glad that he's not dead (unlike Carl Sagan)...also that the entire family enjoys his new version of Cosmos (and are also all glad that he's not dead).