Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Texas, Our Texas

I'm about to rant here because I don't want to do it in news media forums. Here we go:

I've seen quite a bit of schadenfreude in the national media, sometimes in articles proper (opinion pieces), but often in the comments sections to articles, about the recent flooding in Texas. They mockingly say it's God's wrath for fracking, for the state's failure to recognize the reality of climate change, for homophobic legislation, for xenophobic policies, for mistreatment of the poor and/or women, or for some combination of all of the above. 

If you have read much of my blog, you know I'm of a liberal bent. 

I'm especially liberal for Texas. And I am, you know, a native Texan with ancestors buried in this Texas soil dating to before the Civil War. 

And just as I am embarrassed about certain policies of my state government, (Hello, Jade Helm is not a Federale plot to "take over" Texas...whatever that means...because, um, we're already "taken over" by virtue of a certain treaty from 1845), I am embarrassed -- no, enraged -– by my fellow "liberals'" glee in the face of the suffering of so many in this state..."because Texas."

People are dying, people are left destitute, homeless, children and families are missing, swept away in the very houses that were meant to keep them safe from the storm. This is no time to dance in the streets or on their graves.

Our first responders are out there risking their lives to save the savable, one has died in Oklahoma.  Don't be so heartless; be the person who believes in love. Remember "love is love"?  Live that principle.  You know, some of, surely some of, likely some of, the victims are gay or women or of color or are immigrants or are environmentalists too.  Are they just collateral damage?

I get it:  Texas is the big dumb bully of the Union. But these people, these missing families, are not Rick Perry or George Bush or Greg Abbot suffering, these are regular people, four year old kids, six year old kids, babies, parents, grandparents. They need your help and compassion, not your holier-than-thou condescension, not your mockery.

You know, maybe if you, despite your disdain for Texas politics writ large, actually did something to help, maybe it might change a mind or two.  If you want compassion for your pet cause, maybe you need to show a little fucking compassion yourself.  Turn the other cheek and all that. Be the better person. That's right:  I used "the F word"...because I'm pissed. (There, I cursed again. You knew "piss" was a curse word, right?)

Okay. I'm done ranting.