Monday, December 2, 2013


Yeah, I know it's only December 2nd, but today's the day, really, the Monday after Thanksgiving, on which all New Year's resolutions are born.

The Monday after you've indulged, constipatingly, on crappy or wonderful or somewhere in between food for four days and you realize you've got back fat (or whatever) spilling over your bra strap (or whatever)....

Because, as much as we give lip-service to giving thanks on Thanksgiving, the holiday has become, culturally, about food, and indulgent food at that. (And that's a sad statement on our American culture, but it's a topic for another post when I'm feeling surly, which isn't now.)

So today, the Monday after four days' indulgence, you sit in your slightly tighter pants and you say to yourself that, after Christmas, it will be different. You will eat right and exercise.  And I believe you!  I believe me too, every year.

But there's no sense in starting a diet now:  Christmas is coming, and New Years, and cookies and candies and breads and egg nog and burbon soaked fruitcake.

Can't possibly diet now. 

And you're right. You can't, really. You can continue to exercise regularly, and eat healthy meals when you're not festivalling, but to start a weight loss regime at this time of year is hard, hard, hard. Not impossible. But hard.  Very hard.

I am so with you on that. 

But here's my Post-Thanksgiving Resolution:  I will not engage in self-loathing when I consume holiday goodies. Because it's going to happen....  No sense in ruining the holiday mood by spending the next four weeks hating myself for Rotel Dip and gingerbread cookies. (Not eaten together -- unless that's your thing.  Then rock on, weirdly.)

So I will be of good cheer!  I'll have my healthy black bean soup today. And on the weekend, if a cookie slips past my lips, I shall rejoice in the season...for it is bright and magical and delicious.  Merry Christmas!